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 Industrial Grade Peristattic pumps
PP-100 Industrial Grade Peristaltic Pump

Low cost Peristaltic pumps for OEM equipment

Yurex has a very extensive experience in fluidics engineering due to our expertise in printer design.

Our peristatic pumps were developed to handle water based and solvent inks but their versatile design allows them to work with a wide range of tubing materials. Please call us for advice regarding the fluids that your design has to work with.

PP-100 peristatltic pump

Motor type ( must be supplied by OEM)

o   Stepper - NEMA 17

Peristaltic Action Tubing Outside Diameter(OD)

o  1/4" ( 0.25 inch)

Peristaltic Action Tubing Inside diameter(ID)

o   1/8" inch

Motor shaft diameter

o   5mm

Shaft mount

o   Dual set screw 6-32

Peristaltic Action Tubing durometer

o   A50

Peristaltic Action Tubing Hardness

o   A50

Inlet/outlet Tubing Inside Diameter

o   1/4" ( 0.25 inch)

Pressure mechanism type

o   Adjustable Spring Pressure